With more than 125,000,000 sq. ft. of product installed, JFB Hart Coatings has provides next generation paints and coatings for superior protection to all indoor and outdoor applications. JFB Hart Coatings offers customers the ability to use sustainable and green products while enhancing performance characteristics.


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  • VersaTek Gray + Clear Top Coat - Rubber Gym Floor
  • GlossTek - Healthcare Hallway - VCT
  • HP-105 Clear over architectural paint on main street store fronts at Disney Magic Kingdom
  • HP-105 Red & Black - Queen Mary - Long Beach California
  • HP-105 White - Harry Potter - Orlando Florida
  • HP-300 Satin Clear on Rock Wall by Splash Mountain Disney World
  • GlossTek Fast Dry Great Lakes Naval Base - Terrazzo
  • SatinTek - Luxury Vinyl Planks - Medical Office

JFB Hart Coatings continues to develop, specialize and enhance our technology to meet consumer requirements and to stay ahead of constantly evolving government regulations. In addition, JFB Hart Coatings continues to work with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (“SCAQMD”) of Southern California to ensure commercial availability of high performance, environmentally friendly paints and coatings in the marketplace that exceed the SCAQMD’s regulations.

Historically, relatively harsh petroleum-based solvents were used for paints and coatings, resulting in coatings that were harmful to the environment. JFB Hart Coatings is changing the industry by providing environmentally friendly paints and coatings with attributes such as Low to Zero VOCs, LEED Credits (EQ. 4.2 Low Emitting Coatings), Low to No Odor, Sustainable & Green, Reduces Solid Waste, Water & Electrical Usage and Contains No Proposition 65 Chemicals.

JFB Hart Coatings is shaping the industry by delivering two key features in a single product: 1) Outstanding, protective performance characteristics and 2) Low to zero VOCs in solvent-free formulations. 

Antimicrobial Protection

JFB Hart has partnered with Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection to provide the most innovative coatings with biostatic antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and mildew.
More information please click the following link, [Microban]

High Performance

Versatile coatings that can be applied to many kinds of surfaces.  Durable coatings that continue to protect the surfaces even when faced with abrasive and other harsh conditions. Sustainable coatings made with our proprietary, and highly tested formulations using top quality materials.

Sustainable & Green

Environmentally friendly, water-based coatings free of harmful co-solvents; virtually odorless with low to zero VOCs. Protecting and sustaining our environment without sacrificing performance.
More information please click the following link,  [Sustainable & Green]

Significant Cost Savings

Facilities using JFB Hart Coatings experience significant savings through reduction in materials and labor. You can calculate your own savings using our ROI calculator which is located on the literature page under both the Industrial Maintenance and Ultra Durable product lines.