Sustainable & Green

Sustainable & Green


JFB Hart Coatings has developed revolutionary technology that is used to create environmentally friendly urethane and epoxy coatings. What is so unique about the technology and products is that it is done with water as the solvent. JFB Hart’s products do not use a co-solvent or exempt solvents. These products offer many environmental advantages, including:


  • Produced in Total Water
  • 100% water-based coating without the use of co-solvents
  • Not a “watered-down” solvent coating
  • Virtually Odorless
  • Does not require special breathing apparatus
  • No free monomers above OSHA and other safety thresholds
  • Contain No Proposition 65 Chemicals
  • Meet all Federal, State, and Local Government Agency VOC Regulations (SCAQMD, CARB, EPA, etc.)
  • All products are less than 100 g/l VOCs
  • Meet U.S. Building Councils’ LEED Criteria
  • California Building Code of Regulations Title 24 Part 11 Compliant


JFB Hart has been able to develop this technology because of the creation of their own resins and other proprietary ingredients. Understanding and knowing the all the chemicals used to develop the key resins and ingredients, allows JFB Hart the ability to mix raw materials together to work with water as the solvent.

The following charts show the basic types of chemicals used in developing polyurethanes and epoxies. What makes JFB so unique is the use water instead of solvent. The reason solvent is used in other polyurethanes and epoxies are to help the resins link together and add performance.



For more information on JFB Hart Coatings, Inc. environmentally friendly, water-based coatings that are free of harmful co-solvents; virtually odorless with low to zero VOCs that protect and sustain our environment without sacrificing performance, please call 331-814-3136.